My earliest memories are of me playing with numerous Lego sets on my grandfather’s hearth; little did I realize this would lay the foundation for creative pursuits. I began my educational pursuits at Baylor University where through a set of happenstance circumstances I found my passion for creative outlets in the form of Ceramics. My passion for the arts is further demonstrated by my pursuit and attainment of an advanced degree before serving as a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DB McGilvray Ceramics; a boutique ceramic manufacturing company specializing in small production runs, customer orders, mold making and clay making. I pioneered the ground-up development of the company and successfully drafted, negotiated and finalized an exclusivity agreement that solidified a production sharing partnership with Mudshark Studios.

I have had a unique set of career and leadership experiences following my rich educational background. My operations and management proficiency have allowed me to achieve business goals and motivate team members. I have often been entrusted to lead during times of critical transition and proven my capabilities to remain intently focused under pressure. I was recognized for driving the turnaround of the financial position of TechShop Austin-Round Rock from negative to positive and influenced a similar progressive transformation of company culture and employee engagement. I also lead the planning and construction of a $500K large-scale construction project to turn an old car dealership into a service department and after-market parts store, once again showcasing my drive for creative pursuits.

While pursuing my passion for Ceramics, I have also been on the constant search for a career path that would still allow me to create while advancing in a professional field; this brought me to the world of coding. Web development appealed to me for its structure, its imaginative avenues, technological applications, and the career opportunities it affords.

With this goal in mind, I enrolled in and successfully completed a Coding Bootcamp through Southern Methodist University. I am now a trained full stack web developer that is passionate about front end design and user interfaces. My built-in knack for innovation and creativity, allows me to “see around corners” and devise quick solutions in a variety of business and management scenarios.

I currently live in Tyler, TX with my wife and daughter, and an ever-expanding Lego collection.